Building a kid’s room from scratch can be a fun project, especially if you decide to do the decor yourself. The only challenge when it comes to designing a child’s room is the fact that they grow out of everything pretty quickly. However, with these timeless decor ideas, your kid will never have to compromise on comfort, learning and growth. Check out these decor ideas for the kids room.

Start with a blank canvas

Since kids grow out of everything, it’s a good idea to leave the room as blank as possible. This will allow them to carefully curate the room piece by piece as and how they like it. Another good tip is to not install any furniture that is immovable such as bunk beds for kids and wardrobes in case they ever want to change the layout and switch things up. If you want a hassle free design experience, start with a blank slate.

Choose a timeless design

If you want your child’s room to always be in style, it’s always best to opt for a timeless design and decor items such as a dark and rustic teak kid’s wardrobe. These classic pieces never go out of fashion and can be paired with contemporary as well as traditional design ideas. Things like a soft rug and neutral tones in the bedroom will prioritize your kids’ comfort and keep the room looking neat.

Make room for shared spaces

A lot of kids get to sleep in the same room as their siblings. It will teach them how to get along and live together for the rest of their lives. It also teaches you how to be organized, since you have to fit twice as many people and twice as much stuff into the same space. Getting furniture with storage that can be shared is a great idea. Some beds even have built-in storage, like drawers under the bed or cubbies in the headboard. These multi use furniture can be used at any stage of life and will always remain useful.

Go vintage

When you use vintage items to decorate, you get a look that’s all your own and it can save you money, too. You don’t have to buy brand-new pieces. Instead, you can look in the attics of family members, at flea markets, and at thrift stores. Use a wrought iron bed, an old-fashioned dresser, and weathered pieces of old buildings to furnish a romantic and vintage looking room for your kids. The best part about vintage furniture is that it can be repainted if ever your child decides to change the look of their room.

Make a creative corner

Kids can’t get enough of making things, fiddling with them, and adding to them. Instead of letting them put these things on your white walls, give them ways to express themselves that you can control and clean. A child who is older will like to have a large, safe place to spread out art papers, markers, paints, models, glue, and so on. If your child is too active to sit still at a desk or table, give them a wall to write on. With chalkboard paint and dry-erase paint, you don’t have to be afraid of them exploring their creative side.

These decor ideas for your child’s room will always be a hit among them and save your time and energy.

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