Businesses throughout the world are always on their toes to make their tasks efficient and quick by automating them. This does not make them one step in completing their orders, managing tasks and other resources that are part of the business. Likewise in the current age, Fashion Designers can also take advantage of apps that can help them get inspiration, design clothes, do a competitor analysis throughout the industry. Users can also have a look at the different news and the ongoing trends in the world of fashion and entertainment. 

Fashion designers are always on the lookout for something catchy, classic and trendy and they can use different sources to gather the information that they need. Using this information, they can plan their upcoming clothing line and take other decisions for their business. There are so many available on Google Play and the App Store that they can use to get things done. 

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Let’s have a look at the different apps that makes Fashion Designing more easy and seamless for industry experts: 

Art Authority

The app is one of the award-winning apps for fashion designers looking for some inspiration to have a look at and add more to their work. Art Authority has a vast collection of works by more than 1,500 major artists from the West, some of them date back to the ancient world and modern world. This can provide you a perfect blend of modern and classic artworks that will add more to your clothing and accessories line. 

All the information is organized by location, artist and timeline. Also, you can find more than 100,000 paintings and other artwork that can be downloaded and displayed in chronological order with detailed captions. If you are someone who wants to know the background of the artist and other works by individuals, it is also available. 

Vogue Runway Fashion Shows

The app lets you get the latest updates from the world of fashion and style, getting users unmatched coverage for fashion enthusiasts. Being a fashion designer you need to get access to runway shows that take place around the world. 

One of the unique features of the app is that you can watch runway shows from every angle and watch clips of the catwalk. Also, there is a vast collection of close-ups and details that you can have a look at and look at things happening in the front row and even backstage. The app also gets you access to archives of more than 20,000 fashion shows and millions of catwalk photos that date back to the year 2000 and onwards. 


This is one of the best tools for people looking for a handy digital sketchbook that has a wide range of fashion-related templates including accessories, garments, bodies and shoes. You can present side, front and back views of your sketch to get all proportions and scales. The app lets you create amazing sketches using an amazing set of brushes, color palettes and fabric patterns. The tool gets your creative instincts to good use and lets you create the best designs and work around different combinations of stylish outfits and customized appearances. The app lets your artwork become easy to create, share and store and you sync it with iCloud across different devices. Pret-A-Template brings all the best sketching features within your grasp so that you can use different features and create the best artwork. 


The app helps users connect with fashion lovers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide and helps them showcase their work and get information on the latest trends in the fashion industry. The app also helps users with a way to look for unique style pieces. 

One can search by location or the designers, get direct correspondence with fashion shops, potential customers and designers and have a look at stunning portfolios as well. Keep a track of your profile engagement and take your fashion design and showcase it globally. 

Bantoa: Fashion Outfit Trends

The app helps you get a unique style and buy some great outfits from brands online. You can browse through different outfits according to occasions making it your best choice for a special day or a regular day you have. The app works best for women so that they can pick the right outfit and other products online according to their mood, style and occasion. Users can receive special coupons and avail discounts on different products and other benefits from partner stores. 

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, one can say that fashion designers from around the world are taking their business activities from the traditional ways to digital media and technologies. This way they get more exposure and more ways to be creative and make some unique designs for their brands. 

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