Throughout recent years, I’ve been a devoted trekker. From the Shivaliks of Uttarakhand or the Stock Himalayas of Ladakh, I’ve investigated practically all. Being brought into the world in Uttarakhand, I never tried investigating minimal more than what was effectively open for me living in Nainital and Pithoragarh (Kumaon) and in this way began investigating and trekking in Himachal. Just as of late, I and a gathering of my companions chose to go for the KEDARKANTHA TREK. 

We left for Dehradun and afterward to Sankri to begin our trek. I was excited to investigate this piece of Uttarakhand however I didn’t want to see a lot of things that I had not seen as of now.

1. The Landscape 

This trek offers an extremely different scene and to add to its excellence are the encompassing pinnacles of Swargarohini and Black pinnacle. You enter the backwoods and before long meet the snow. As you go up, the degree of snow continues expanding and in the midst of the backwoods, you see the stunning perspective. The climb to the highest point is a bit tiring yet the view from the top is awesome. 

2. Effectively available 

Getting to this trek is the simplest. It’s a good excursion from Dehradun to Sankri yet a great deal of alternatives are accessible which incorporate both private and public vehicles. The streets are open consistently and after arriving at Sankri, the spots to remain are endless. The trek begins directly from Sankri and that makes it a truly open alternative for winter treks. 

3. Juda ka Talab 

Around 4/5kms (approx) from the trek point, this spot is a pearl. This spot will clearly overwhelm you. A frozen lake all of a sudden. It gives you a hint of European lakes in the winters. This spot is a genuine stunner and adds focus to why Kedarkantha is a standout amongst other winter treks. 

4. Simple to direct 

This is a simple to direct even out trek and nearly everybody can do it. Youthful or old, Experienced or not, Kedarkantha is there for all. 

5. Individuals 

The last and maybe the last nail in the casket is that individuals you’d go over are sensational. Local people are very useful and if you are with them, they’ll be there to help you out in any case. A couple of local people I met made a special effort to assist me and my group with some food and help with the essential hardware that we required for the evening. 

Things You Must Know Before Visiting Kedarkantha 

– There are no ATMs get-togethers, so convey an adequate measure of money from Dehradun itself for the whole trek. 

– There is no portable network after Purola. Just a meager BSNL network is accessible in and around Sankri. 

– Pre Booking of convenience, guides, and gear is obligatory in the pinnacle season between November to January. 

– Pack light as you should convey your rucksack for the whole trek. It is fitting to keep your rucksack weight under 10 kgs. 

– Choose for train travel to Dehradun while coming from Delhi as the equivalent is more agreeable and dodges delays. 

– Hydrate yourself all through the trek beginning from the time you awaken. 

– You can choose to trek without anyone else alongside a nearby guide or decide to go with one of the numerous associations that direct the Kedarkatha trek. The last guarantees that all your convenience, food, and different conventions are dealt with for a problem free trekking experience. 

– Be a dependable trekker and ensure you don’t litter the path and encompassing regions and to bring back any waste or plastic things and discard the equivalent mindfully. 

Grants and Local Guide for Kedarkantha Trek 

As an obligatory guideline upheld by the specialists of Govind Vihar National Park, Kedarkantha trekking licenses are given just in case you are joined by a nearby aide enrolled with the timberland office. The nearby aide will likewise assist you with getting the necessary grants from the woods office at Sankri. 

Recruiting a neighborhood guide not just guarantees your security by ensuring you stay on the right path and help manage crises and different vulnerabilities while on the trek, yet it additionally gives you an intriguing understanding into the nearby culture and geology of the locale. Pre-booking of a neighborhood guide is fundamental particularly during top seasons.

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