Though not used very commonly, there is a saying that goes ‘The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. Likewise, just as our clothes, room colors also reflect upon our mood and taste. Colors express the aesthetics and are much more than some solid chunks of various shades. Colors set the mood, tonality, social context, theme, emotions, and much more. Just as ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’, colors speak more to us than words do. They say out all those thoughts that words fail to express. And while looking at India, where there is a separate day just to celebrate the day of colors, it can be understood without any explanation how much importance colors play in Indian households. Unlike western homes, which are themed mostly on white, Indian homes tend to opt for different vibrant colors and combinations. 

Now, as trends come and go, you might want to choose your home colors according to those styles. Well, confused about which trend to follow and what to discard? This article is here to help you choose the best palettes for your homes, keeping in mind the latest paint trends. 

Yellow and Greys:

With increasing urbanization, more and more people have shifted to the cities and towns from the suburbs. Naturally, finding land to build a home is getting pretty difficult and this is where apartments and houses on rent are becoming increasingly popular. Thus, colors should be chosen such that even the smallest places look big and luxurious. Mustard yellow, with greys or other wooden, neutral shades is the best for a living room aesthetic view. In a match with your sofa and sofa designs, you can change the shades of mustard yellow with some other muted yellows. These color combinations bring in a dreamy vibe and also places in a contemporary, pop theme. 

Greens and Blues:

Green has been representing fertility and spring since time immemorial, and thus, it is time to bring that shade into your bedrooms. Green along with light shades of blue is going to soothe your eyes and bring in a feeling of calmness and composure. Blue represents respiration and this shade will also help in maintaining blood pressure and other vitalities. With these colors, opt for some soft furniture, in lighter shades of brown. You can also pair it up with some terrazzo texture, and some hanging plants, to give it a millennial look. 

Fresh colors:

Since last year, the entire world has turned up to their homes for jobs, leisure, and everything. Homes now serve, not just as a place for staying but have become our workplaces, cafes, gyms, classrooms, and makeshift theatres and restaurants. These multi-functional homes, thus need something more than just solid somber colors. It is now the prime time to bring in some funky, bright colors like olive, powder blues, pink, orange, peach, and others to match the level of energy and enthusiasm you need for this isolated yet regular life. 


These are just a few of the many combinations you can choose to adopt. Various other rustic shades suit for corners, brown and coffee for workplace stations, and of course, an all-white theme is never out of style. So, go through the various combinations, select them carefully, know about the cost, and voila! It’s time to change your home into that dreamland you’ve always dreamt of. 

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