The relaxing head massage you give is remarkable. Do you remember the last time you massage your head? A mild scalp massage should be on the list of relaxing and pampering regimes. It helps to ease stress and tension, and other health benefits. Head massage can be done in the simplest way as well as you can visit a head massage near me. Other than this, it also found that scalp massage helps to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp. It is the best way to nourish the scalp by massaging with warm oil.

So, let’s understand what Ayurvedic head massage is and what are its benefits.

What is a head massage?

A massage treatment focusing on the head or scalp is known as head massage. It involves rubbing or massaging the scalp using fingertips and sometimes even palm to get the right treatment. Many techniques are used in the process of scalp massage based on personal preferences and the region of the scalp that is rubbed. There are a few devices available in the market that are used as a fingertip to apply gentle pressure on the scalp by massaging well. Hair follicles, hairlines, and roots accumulated a lot of stress and anxiety that can be relieved only by massaging your scalp regularly.

What is Ayurvedic head massage?

According to Ayurveda, there are 108 important points in our body in which 31 points are present in our head. These points are pressure points from where arteries, veins and nerves meet. Head massage is an ancient massage therapy followed from the last 5000+ years in India. These pressure points help to relieve, drain and cool the pressure in the head region. Massaging helps to boost blood circulation and provides healthy and strong hair naturally. This massage is held with pure Ayurvedic herbal oils.

Benefits of Ayurvedic head massage

Head massage is one of the relaxing and rejuvenating therapy for our body which induces a lot of benefits for your hair. Let’s have a look at the top benefits of head massage.

  1. Relieves tension and stress

Head massage helps to relieve stress from the body and scalp by promoting healthy and nourished scalp. The nourishing oil penetrates well into the scalp and releases the block nerves that accumulated stress and tension. It makes you feel fully relaxed and pampered in one go. Regularly massaging your message keeps you healthy and happy by maintaining stress level and reducing tension.

  1. Promotes hair growth

If you have thin hair or your hair starts getting thin, then you might want to consider a scalp massage. A few studies show that regular massage therapy helps to promote growth over time. Scalp massage helps to promote blood circulation and penetrate deeply into the scalp. Thereby it strengthens your hair follicles and makes your hair roots strong that eventually leads to healthy hair growth and makes your hair healthy and nourished.

  1. Reduces headache and migraine

Headaches and migraines are hard to treat but it can be treated with a head massage. This helps to make your scalp and hair healthy as well. Massaging helps to ease the stress of the day and promotes relaxation and feeling better. When it lowers the blood pressure it helps to reduce the headache and migraines over time. 

  1. Promotes relaxation

Head massage also helps to promote relaxation in your scalp. It makes you feel better and relaxed by the end of the day. Living a hectic and busy lifestyle makes you feel tired and stressed that can be relieved through massaging your scalp gently. When you feel relaxed, you will be quite active in doing the day-to-day task and operate your life easily.

  1. Promotes healthy sleep

Scalp massage also makes you sleep better after the head massage before going to bed. Sleeping can be improved by massaging your scalp before going to bed, this might be due to the relaxation that massage provides. You can simply promote your healthy sleep by massaging the scalp and making you feel better.

  1. Provides nourishment

Your hair and hair follicles need nourishment to stay healthy and to keep growing. With the effect of making your hair healthy and shiny, it promotes a healthy scalp as well. Hair oil can also be called hair food. Therefore, a head massage is kinda hair food that provides nourishment and leaves your scalp and hair healthy.

Which massage oil should you use?

  • If you are having Vata disorders, then consider sesame oil which is a best choice for you. Some Ayurvedic oils include herbs such as shatavari, ashwagandha, gunja etc.
  • If you have Pitta disorder, then opt for oils providing a cooling effect such as coconut oil, sunflower oil.
  • If you have Kapha disorders, then you should consider massage oil that involves camphor, rosemary, calamus etc.
  • Other oils such as bhringraj, brahmi, kumari etc. Can be considered to balance the doshas providing cooling effects to their head.

Wrap up

Your head is the most important part of your body that involves vital energy that helps to connect mind and body. Ayurvedic head massage triggers massaging techniques and three areas– body, mind and soul. And also balance the doshas in our body which helps to control various aspects of your health.

This head massage technique is quite complicated to do but you can access this by massaging your head with oil. However, if you are not able to do so, then consider a head massage near me. This way you will find the nearest venue for massage treatment such as an online parlour, spa, and salon. You can find them using an online salon booking app in which you have to book an appointment and visit there at slot time. That’s it!

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