So you have identified the best projector in the market. Still, you can’t quite confide in output unless you add elements that make a Home Theatre (HT) impressively efficient when it comes to creating the surreal experience everyone expects from the HT lounge, the room size, acoustical reverberations, and the furniture used in the room play very important roles.

That’s why we bring you 5 things that you necessarily need to create a superlative, mind-blowing, yet refreshingly sophisticated ambiance in the HT section of your house.

The Rugs:

What’s under your feet while you are gnawing your jaw into the lips watching the scenes from Jurassic Park? Well, we expect a steady, comforting contemporary rug. Yes, special mats and rugs for the HT rooms provide the kind of comfort your feet need when your visual, audio, and taste faculties are busy enjoying the screen.

Polyester pile rugs are the perfect choice for an HT room of any size and dimension. Available in many colors and patterns, the rugs are designed so that the HT audio effects are never dulled out.

Wall Cabinet:

Where do you intend to showcase your rich collection of DVDs, movie records, and maybe some curious ones too? A floor wall cabinet is a smart way to add definition to a sophisticated HT section. It is best to choose a non-wood wall cabinet as they dim the audio effects. Wall cabinets with glass panels and metal rims can be considered. The best place to keep the wall cabinet is along the sides of the HT section and not on the wall opposite the screen. So you are left with two side walls. Make the best out of them!

Media Consoles:

You don’t need to always switch on the projector to watch a movie. Turn your HT room into a full-fledged media and entertainment room by adding a media console table underneath the projector screen.

You can choose to place the LED TV, music systems, and even lamps to create affluence in the HT room.

Room Dividers and Wall Art:

If you wish to create a distinct section between your HT section and the bar, or your bedroom, you could include a room divider in the area. You can also create the feeling around the HT section by placing relevant wall art.


Finally, an item that will turn your experience into a dreamy affair! Recliners for HT are specifically designed to provide the viewer with multiple seating positions and superior back support. While your viewer friends might want to sleep off the show, the recliners will keep them active and cheery.

Designed with contemporary appeal, the modern leather recliners feature excellent designer attributes like leather and suede upholstery, cushioned lumbar support, reclining leg channel, adjustable seat position, adjustable arm supports, and the motorized massage unit.

It could also feature additional attributes like a bottle holder, ashtray, and even mobile charging points, just in case you don’t wish to miss who’s been calling you while you enjoy at the HT.

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